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Apartment SUNNY w Gdańsk

localisation: Gdańsk
People: 2 to 6

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for two adults: 400 PLN
for more person / per person: 50 PLN
children, age to 5: 30 PLN
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Apartment description:
Sunny apartment is fully equipped 47 m2 apartment on the 11th floor of a skyscraper. These are the apartments on the sea, where you really feel the charm of a holiday vacation. There is a bathroom, living room with cable TV, connected with kitchen, where you can use electric hob, microwave and kettle. 19 meters bedroom has been combined with a corner view. Two huge panoramic site and the placement of the bedroom on the west side of the tower will give you, especially at night, unforgettable views, which can provide only accommodation at the seaside and holidays by the sea. We can ensure that the views of the sunset will remain in your memory. In the price we do not provide towels. Apartment house has a concierge with clock protection. On payment, you can take advantage of the bike rental and a reserved parking space.

  We recommend you apartments on the sea in a modern 17 - storey apartment blocks, a picturesque location of Gdansk Primore estate. Excellent location, which have our private accommodation, will provide you with a fast connection to the center of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, and the quiet seaside park, located just 100 meters from the place of residence, is a great place to rest. No matter what form of recreation you choose apartments on the sea is an attractive location. Our accommodations are at the seaside - 700 m to the beach, where you can enjoy the sun and swimming in the Bay of Gdansk - Dozens of hectares of a seaside park, in which there are several ponds, around which walking paths stretch - about 30 km bicycle paths, so you can move around the Tri-City in a proactive manner. - 2500 m from the seaside promenade, with many dining options, to the pier in Sopot. - 1000 m to the Gdansk seafront pier are just some of the attractions, which provides you the location of the apartments is characterized by the sea and our private accommodation in Gdansk Primore. APARTMENT ADDRESS: GDANSK UL.OBROŃCÓW WYBRZEŻA 23.


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